Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Water world

When I was little girl I dreamed to be a marine biologist or scientist (look after dolphins), wanted to
In any case, I love very much the sea and marine animals, especially invertebrates. I like to take photos, I love to watch these animals in their habitat. They are so much unusual and graceful. Sometimes it seems to me - they are from another planet, so incredible and colorful are their bodies.
I still want to find time to make my plush collection of star fishes, sea snails, corals and sea horses. I would like to sew them of pure rustic linen cloth!
I want to introduce you a little story in pictures what is happening in the underwater kindergarten: baby Whales and naughty small fish
Playful babies!
But soon parents come and (how it is common in real life) stop this disorder!
They are sweet babies again )
SEA. The one of the most beautiful things in the Earth.

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