Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Charming months

In the Cherry Garden are new creatures - cute linen birds are nesting....

Birds ornament

 Ah! They dont have a nest...Just being gentle with each other mimimimi.  Cherry Garden PR manager Choila takes care and teach them ). She knows how to nesting and loves it but in sunny places only )

I am happy as well - have got bright and colorful 2 azalea plants, they are blooming now.

Just spring pics from Melborne and my garden.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Spring in Cherry Garden Studio

In Cherry Garden live different creatures. After cold and long winter 2014 me and my PR manager Choila see in our studio many cute and funny colorful snails.

They love fashion and style and I do not know often - what shell wants each of them...This season is very popular striped shell and pompom trim )

But for my few fashionistas - it is not enough! they want to be unique, want to dance and take part in races! Oh! Who is going to win?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Melbourne Spring

After my holidays the little garden in ceramic pots pleases me a lot - I adore these amazing colors and shapes...

Melbourne Spring - oh! So colorful, magnificent and full of wonderful odours. In our suburb many people have beautiful gardens - I  like to go for a walk and admire them.

Magnolia in Melbourne - white, pink and purple. First is my favorite - looks very exotic!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Small and cute pouch for toddler girl

I like things made of pure silk and linen fabric very much.  Silk - elegance and richness, linen - natural and rustic.
Recently  came home from my Europe trip with full suitcase of european linen textile...I seen the other day all my linen treasures and have thought - I have some work to do.....
So my first one is a purse, made of my both favorite textiles

Handmade dusty rose ornament (a method of sewing these flower I have noted at the exhibition of Imperial dresses in Royal palace...I have my little note-book with me always ))

Love this little purse a lot!

So elegant!

Fairy Cottage - purse for a little lady

I have created a sewing pattern for girl's purse! Wow! Looks very cute and has a small lace pocket behind a door! The purse has a press tape - easy using  for little fingers.

My Fairy Village )
Customer from US asked me to make a shabby chic style purse like my Tooth Fairy pillow for her little one.

Hmmm...I just love to sew them!!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Shabby chic cute creatures )

After my very long holidays - about 2 months I start my exciting work - to create a beautiful things and invent a new creatures. My of the most favourite idea - to decorate a plush toys by a crochet doily, they get so cozy look!
Here we are - garden creatures Tricksy Snails

And their little sisters

I think the orange one is my favourite )