Monday, 30 June 2014

Using old jeans for new jewelry

I have thought the other day - how people can use their old jeans .... To sew bags and purses, backpacks, make a shorts and an aprons, placemats, coasters, oven mitts and many many others ideas...One on them is here - denim jewellery! Have a look -

Denim pi brooch or scarf holder and

Denim necklace (pendant)

 Small stuff is easy to put in to a pocket - a key, a ring, a small greeting card, candy, pill and etc! Eh-he-hey!!


Monday, 23 June 2014

Whales party in my studio!

Already I have made a lovely collection of plush whales - it is interesting - why such creature is so popular as a softie? One mommy has written me - "I would like to decorate my son birthday in blue colors and Whale theme" (and has bought inviting cards with funny blue whales)..."I want your blue couple".

hm - to say truth - I love the whales :-) and love to sew them also. They are so cute!

May be I should make a Whale garland - just for fun?

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A tulip pin for spring flowers lovers!

I admire a spring flowers - especially tulips! Now, winter Australia and I am awaiting these amazing time spring colorful blossoming.
How to feel charming  of the spring  all year? Have a look here  :-)

I make tulip bads of shimmering effect pure silk fabric. This rich and luxurious silk can "change" a bit colors in different light conditions.
And these flowers do not need water at all )

Are they beautiful?

Hope, I will get this spring these amazing floral creatures in my garden ) I have planted them 2 weeks ago!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Plush fellows of denim fabric

I love denim! It is beautiful and truly unique fabric. I had an interesting idea  -  to make of this textile a stuffed toys ... I chose a very thin denim fabric with shabby effect  to achieve smooth curved lines of the toys and be able to make the fine details.
So here they are!
miss Tricksy Snail
She loves a tulips and asked me to create a white silk tulip to carry it on her shell. I call her now miss Tulip Snail.

And a new sweet cute couple - Denim toys - Mother Whale and Baby whale. 

And now I'm deep in thought - who's next  one? Maybe Denim Bunny?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Stuffed Snail Toy

Plush Snails toys - how I make them?
Guys, I`m going to show that happens in Cherry Garden studio ) Pick by pick )

Beautiful shabby chic style plush toys:

1. But in begging they are just pieces of fabric) ans stuffing material.
2. Step by step they are starts to get their Appearance.

 3. Almost ready! For her wheels  I use handmade fabric buttons, because I need them in the same style.

 4. Finishing touch: making her face )

 5. Time to say "Hello"

Thanks for reading and have good day full of beauty!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Little trip in Australia

G'day and welcome to visit the biggest island, interesting nature scenes and  friendly people!

 June is the first winter month, so countryside landscape is very peaceful, but suburbs in Melbourne are full of autumn flowers still...

Fort Nepean - we can wave and say "Hello" to passing ships to/from Melbourne

1 Photo - Pacific Ocean
2 Photo - Port Phillipe Bay
3 Photo - left side - Ocean and right side - Bay!!!

Coast next to Grand Ocean Road
The Great Kingdom of Neptune )
1. Heptune Cup
2. Hmm...Probable it is one of his eyes )
3. Little sea garden in bowl - with yellow alga, a tiny fishes and a prawns.

Australain animals ) I do not tell who is who. But these guys on second photo - amazing cute plush toys ))

Day off  in Grand Ocean Road. Trying to get sharks.

After day trip - what can be better than cup of tea or coffee! (Victoria Market in Melbourne)