Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Winter solstice day

 Hooray!   The shortest day of the year is behind! I begin to think about my garden seriously. As always - have a lot of ideas, passion, good tools and many many pots and less time than I do prefer, possibilities of soil, watering, hot summer and preferences of our PR manager Choila
So I couldn't stay home today and spend about 1.5 hours in the local nursery. Yeees, it took time - I was not in big hurry but very thoughtful and curious about new habitants for our garden
Probably it was a little bit suspicious - I could not pass without  taking a photo of these beautiful flowers

Pansies...Is it easy to find someone who does not like this plants? 

Second stop - camellias and azaleas. Intersting pink flowers plant, sorry I  do not know - what is it, but very nice and delicate

In the winter nursery - the most bright place is a huge stand with cyclamens. Amazing flame of colours!

Magic fragrance of giant pink, lilac, purple and blue hyacinths. 
Last stop (before exit) - indoor plants section. Hmmmm...Maybe I have to think about a new palm tree for living room?
Orchids have their unique magic. I am sure they are precious gems in a Floral World
The Amethyst Princess came home with me today
Happy to introduce her Highness