Monday, 26 May 2014

Kingdom of Whales

One of my favorite toy in the studio -  is a whale, they are really beautiful animals and have great shape and body design! Usually I sew these fellows in maritime color scheme, but today I was thinking - may be I will try to make them of natural linen cloth...

An artist Jessica Holmes (UK) owner of  Daisy and Bump Art  has odered the medium size plush whale to complete photo of her Whale Nursery Art.

Cute creatures!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The best an employee in the studio

Choila (as I have told) works very hard - everything in the studio is under her control ) She takes seriously her obligations as a PR manager

1. Checking  photoshoots:

2. Control and managing Miss Cherry's working process (I got an advice to use fabric of pink colors as she loves):

After such hardworking hours - Choila has music break )

3. Choila: "I don't sleep - it is just inspection of guitar case"!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

My small succulent collection

We do not have a big garden now (but I would like to have - oh-ho! ), and I like mediterranean style very much - paved (bricks, mosaic) courtyard and ceramic pots, so I have got some vintage ceramic jars from thrift shops and invented them to be as a plant pots ) 
My blue collection, (oh - I am crazy about   AZUL CERAMIC)

and here are my elethant plant holders )

:-)  yes - autumn in Australia now, can not show you mine blossoming garden...

Coastal white collection

PR manager Choila loves the succulent collection as well

And - that I have got a few months ago - 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New style babushka dolls!

I have created a new pattern for slim babushka doll - I have a few traditional curvy ladies Matryoshkas, but as I like to reseach something new always - so here we are!

Deer Girl and her friends )

Monday, 12 May 2014

Choila - PR manager

Time to tell about Cherry Garden Dolls PR manager - Choila. She is 11 yo cute cranky elegant independent white spotless pussy cat. 11 years ago she was very skinny tiny lost kitten almost between life and death surviving on eating bugs and spiders. Finally she was lucky to find one kind man to live with. First time after 3 weeks of surviving life she has got small piece of sausage and sleep on warm lap.  Soon she had skinny legs but a big fat belly and purred with happiness.  She was so small you could  her in the palm of your hand.  She liked to sleep on a bean bag curled in a tiny ball. Choila didn't like her new cat friend though and he was jealous of her!

Now she looks like that

Perhaps - I can not hold her on my palm anymore...

Yes, she works very hard as a PR manager in our studio, I always get her smart advices )

"Hey miss Cherry - we should make some plush birds also!"

After a few hours of hard work she has time off-

Thank you for reading!