Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blue porcelian Style

As a loyal fan and an admirer of blue porcelain china and all type of willow pattern I can not pass indifferently next to such stuff made in this style. Yeees, I  collect cups, plates etc...
One year ago I have created my plush babushka doll of lovely blue willow pattern cloth and they were popular in my Etsy shop. It was pity but I could not find the same fabric in our craft shops and I just had some hope to find it again! And- yeeeehhhuuuu! It happend 3 days ago!
So I very happy to introduce my new beauties for you.

 Matryoshka or Babushka dolls 
The second doll has a really nice gold embroidered tape with shimmering effect. Their faces are my unique drawing (acrylic paints). Their faces are my unique drawing (acrylic paints). I can say - to draw faces is my favorite part of work, because every time a new personality comes ))

Craft supplies in my Etsy shop

Anyway if you would like to create your own babushka doll - I will be glad to help you!

A cup from my small porcelain collection. Ummmmm, that a great coffee is from this cup always!

My outdoor Garden I have planted in willow pattern collection)