Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Winter solstice day

 Hooray!   The shortest day of the year is behind! I begin to think about my garden seriously. As always - have a lot of ideas, passion, good tools and many many pots and less time than I do prefer, possibilities of soil, watering, hot summer and preferences of our PR manager Choila
So I couldn't stay home today and spend about 1.5 hours in the local nursery. Yeees, it took time - I was not in big hurry but very thoughtful and curious about new habitants for our garden
Probably it was a little bit suspicious - I could not pass without  taking a photo of these beautiful flowers

Pansies...Is it easy to find someone who does not like this plants? 

Second stop - camellias and azaleas. Intersting pink flowers plant, sorry I  do not know - what is it, but very nice and delicate

In the winter nursery - the most bright place is a huge stand with cyclamens. Amazing flame of colours!

Magic fragrance of giant pink, lilac, purple and blue hyacinths. 
Last stop (before exit) - indoor plants section. Hmmmm...Maybe I have to think about a new palm tree for living room?
Orchids have their unique magic. I am sure they are precious gems in a Floral World
The Amethyst Princess came home with me today
Happy to introduce her Highness

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Think Mint!

Summer is truly right time for fresh and cool palette. School holidays season, sea and river cruises, beaches, swimming, sunbathing - the favorite entertainment for many many people! And for me as well )

Then days are becoming hotter and more hotter ... I start to think mint in my studio!
 Love this bright colors to work with. Looks great together with cold pink, light yellow, grey, white and gold
Mint birds with gold sequins stars. Ornament

Sailboat, plush toy and pillow

What have I done? Probable I was too much excited in my studio with a sewing machine and  mint fabrics ))