Friday, 31 October 2014

Gray color - not boring if you know how to use it!

Some people think that gray -  is booooooooring. Not bright, not attractive and does not catch eyes
But I love gray very much  -  neutral palette can be combined with any color excellently.
White + gray   and   pink + gray   are  my favorite combination

  I make my plush creatures in gray colors scheme, and my Stuffed Whales - mom and her baby couple is loved by my customers of the Cherry Garden Dolls shop a lot!

Next will be a  Ballerina Doll in gray dress )

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Garden style Gifts and Home Shabby Chic decor

I like to create something unusual. I might sort out for a long time the different fabric and accessories trying to find the best option for my creations
I love to sew my creatures of pure silk - this wonderful fabric with shining effect looks luxurious always .
My favorite silk - silk dupioni, this fabric is made of threads of different colors so the fabric has gorgeous effect of changing colors - really  imperial cloth!
In Australia is  spring now and I have noted in the studio cute spring floral snails

Silk dupioni - moss green, ivory (rose decor), emerald green, baby pink (last snail).

 My collection )

Monday, 6 October 2014

How I have created my babushka dolls

I love to sew dolls. Especially babushka dolls. The other day I have thought to create a special edition of Pearl Princess dolls.

So, my choice for materials - european natural linen and luxurious silk dupioni with shimmering effect for their bodies, handcrafted vintage lace pieces, linen lace and beautiful pearl beads for decoration. Seems like a great choice for the royals!
All their faces are made of cotton and face image in my unique drawing. They are really unique like  humans.
The bodies are ready, the faces are also - now is  time for hair. That is the best color to match with eyes? 

Girls  should think about their unique looks. After this hard task -  I sew on silk shawl the pearl beads

My beauties are  ready! Would you like to get one?

Seven  Gorgeous sisters -  Pearl Princess