Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bunny Rabbit Hare - Female symbol

I know few guys who love bunnies and keep them as pets.  And I can admit - I would like to  take care of some curious,  timid and cute bunny also…So – here is a few interesting facts that I have found about rabbits and I would like to share with you:
In many cultures around the world the Rabbit/Hare represents the moon and consequently, death and resurrection.  Possible reasons:  a Rabbit is resembled in the markings on the Moon (body and 2 elongated ears, nocturnal life, gray / white fur.

The Rabbit or Hare is symbolically linked to the female deities, of youth, fertilityintuition and the revival of life. 

  In Buddhist, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, African, Native American, Celtic, Hindu and Teutonic myths associated with female hare is the cycle of reproduction. As prolific animals hares and rabbits are often associated with magic and the white rabbit figurine was the mascot to get fertility and is regarded as an assistant at a difficult childbirth.

In Buddhist mythology the Hare is marked as a selfless animal, kind and able to sacrifice themselves. According to legend, a hare jumped into the fire and roasted to nourish the Buddha himself. In gratitude, the Buddha put the rabbit on the Moon.
The Hare often appears in Christian iconography. His helplessness personified people’s reliance on God.
Modern emblems exploit the sexual symbolism of the hare. As an erotic symbol the Rabbit is used, in particular, the famous American magazine for men "