Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Great gift for Mother's day

Studio Cherry Garden Dolls offers during May a great opportunity to purchase a beautiful gifts - buying 1 rag doll dolls - get 1 Babushka doll for free

So, this fabric dolls (and 3 more)

                                                                             see the dolls here

and  this Babushka dolls

Happy browsing in Cherry Garden Dolls!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Angel`s wings, lavender sachet, free sewing pattern

Lavender sachet is great  idea to fresh linens. The sachets are placed among stored items of clothing to give a fresh fragrance and to deter moths.

Lavender flowers sealed in ordinary boring pouches...maybe it is not so nice for cozy home - it is time to make Angel`s wings Lavender sachet!

Beautiful handmade gift for your friends and family! You can decorate Angel`s wings as you wish, just dont stop your imagination!

My unique wings sewing pattern is very simple. Enjoy to create it!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Bouquet for a doll. DIY lesson

Free DIY lesson

How to make a Bouquet for a doll

Skills level - beginner and up 
Basic material - cotton/silk fabric, filling material,  lace, trim, floral motives, buttons, beads and etc. as you wish and FUN!


Draw the pattern of the Bouquet - a circle and a cone (remember a formula : width of a cone top =  (1/2 of circle`s diameter) x  3.14

1. Sew the cone and fill it with stuffing material.

2. Sew the top of the Bouquet  - it is a small hat shape pincushion (paper circle, textile, stuffing material)

3. I have used a special liquid "Fray Stoppa" to applique a few drops on the edges of a leafs

4. Sew on pincushion your flowers, beads, leafs, butterflies and etc!

5.  Attach the cone to your pincushion

6. All done! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Garden in my studio

Although Australia is preparing for winter time now, other continents are enjoying warm spring sunshine and their first flowers

Thinking about my favorite season I have created a few new creatures - Tricksy Snails ​​in a spring floral style

Lady with a dusty rose

Blue Snail    Little Boo*Boo

My favorite Snail -  Lady with a sakura  flowers

This last one "Sakura Lady" Snail  is made of pure silk fabric and decorated by handmade flowers. Sakura flowers are made of silk dupioni and hand dried silk ribbon. To create my flowers me helped a very nice shop SesenArtsandCrafts on Etsy whose owner Julie Smith offers a huge selection of handmade silk materials for  art and craft