Monday, 29 December 2014

Linen Creatures - Winter collection

Yes, as I have said already - my favorite creative material  is pure linen fabric. It is easy to create any style - simple  rustic, feminine sophistication or popular shabby.
In Australia is summer now (according our forecast we are expecting +40C in 3 days, uh!) but  all my friends have winter and snow now. White fairy tale.
This collection is dedicated to winter mood and my friends )

Basic material - bleached linen fabric.
Shabby chic Babushka dolls set.
Whales story - White Mobi-Dick and Mother with her baby

Rustic toys

Snail Lady. She thinks - she is a Snow Queen ) I am not sure - maybe only Princess )

looks after her tiny cute friends
mobile toys

And my delicate and shy little rag doll - Baby Angel with a lace heart.

Have great winter days, friends!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Birds in Cherry Garden Dolls studio

It is Interesting, in modern heraldry the birds  present at 35% of State Emblems in varying interpretations. Question is - how many states, big and small cities have the Bird symbol?

Mobile toys
One of my favorite ideas in work - it is a bird. Wings and ability to fly are symbols of freedom in many cultures.
Like an angel the bird also is a sign of the soul.

Doves - cake topper
What else do people associate with this  sign?
Deity, Creator, sun, immortality, child, motherhood, fertility, the thought, the speed, happiness, purity, love, time.

PR manager Choila loves birds )

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bunny Rabbit Hare - Female symbol

I know few guys who love bunnies and keep them as pets.  And I can admit - I would like to  take care of some curious,  timid and cute bunny also…So – here is a few interesting facts that I have found about rabbits and I would like to share with you:
In many cultures around the world the Rabbit/Hare represents the moon and consequently, death and resurrection.  Possible reasons:  a Rabbit is resembled in the markings on the Moon (body and 2 elongated ears, nocturnal life, gray / white fur.

The Rabbit or Hare is symbolically linked to the female deities, of youth, fertilityintuition and the revival of life. 

  In Buddhist, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, African, Native American, Celtic, Hindu and Teutonic myths associated with female hare is the cycle of reproduction. As prolific animals hares and rabbits are often associated with magic and the white rabbit figurine was the mascot to get fertility and is regarded as an assistant at a difficult childbirth.

In Buddhist mythology the Hare is marked as a selfless animal, kind and able to sacrifice themselves. According to legend, a hare jumped into the fire and roasted to nourish the Buddha himself. In gratitude, the Buddha put the rabbit on the Moon.
The Hare often appears in Christian iconography. His helplessness personified people’s reliance on God.
Modern emblems exploit the sexual symbolism of the hare. As an erotic symbol the Rabbit is used, in particular, the famous American magazine for men "

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Make your own Christmas Tree!

Easy DIY (great for beginners) - Make your own Christmas decor!  A very simple and nice idea to make original decoration for a  Christmas table, a fireplace or just sew  cute little gifts to your loved ones.

You need only your creativity, fun and:

2 triangle of felt
1 wooden stick for BBQ and white acrylic paint
scissors, glue for fabric, needle,
lace, beads, ribbon or decorative elements to your taste.

For Christmas Tree base - a tea/coffee cup, a gravy bowl, a creamer, a cactus pot and sand, small decorative pebbles etc.

Are you ready?

1. Paint the stick by white acryl and let it  to dry well
2. While the stick is in drying process, sew on on triangles lace (lace ribbon or trim etc.)
3. Sew the edges of the triangle, cut the lace to shape the triangle.
3. Insert the white stick into a triangle (you can use a fabric glue), sew up the base of the triangle
4. Sew on the Christmas Tree your decorative elements as you wish

Monday, 1 December 2014

Mint, aqua, turquoise

So fresh colors. Cold but light palette.

What are my associations?
Perhaps - bright, inspiring and lively colors. Porcelain and velvet. Rustic chic. Retro 40-50...Transparent twilight.

I could find some colors of such scheme in my garden - succulents. Have a small collection of this amazing and unfussy plants...ah! I would like to buy more )

Monday, 24 November 2014

Purple, lilac, violet, lavender, magenta...

Since ancient times, the color purple - has been a symbol of power and piety.
In those times purple dye was very expensive, so robes of purple indicated the royal family
Shades of purple are associated with sacred knowledge and magic. As a general rule, in many cartoons, drawing and films the apparel of fairies, elves and fairy tale creatures are in shades of purple.
Purple - is an original color of nature, you can find it easily in many flowers,  vegies, gems, insects, sea creatures etc.

I love this color -  rich palette, bright effect and variety.
  Babushka doll, silk tulips, pin brooch and mobile plush birds

Cherry Garden PR manager Choila does not mind purple also

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pink bloom

Pink color - the traditional color of  kindness, love, tenderness and passion. This color is most associated with charm, politeness and sensitivity. Pink palette -  very feminine and romantic.

We love to make toys of pink colors fabric in our workshop. Of course I prefer most of all the pure silk with shimmering effect, but I suppose the cotton is better for  nursery deco and  toddler toys. So cozy and cute!

Rare "pink lipstick" geranium in our garden and gorgeous silk dupioni 

Silk creatures by Cherry Garden Dolls

Friday, 31 October 2014

Gray color - not boring if you know how to use it!

Some people think that gray -  is booooooooring. Not bright, not attractive and does not catch eyes
But I love gray very much  -  neutral palette can be combined with any color excellently.
White + gray   and   pink + gray   are  my favorite combination

  I make my plush creatures in gray colors scheme, and my Stuffed Whales - mom and her baby couple is loved by my customers of the Cherry Garden Dolls shop a lot!

Next will be a  Ballerina Doll in gray dress )

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Garden style Gifts and Home Shabby Chic decor

I like to create something unusual. I might sort out for a long time the different fabric and accessories trying to find the best option for my creations
I love to sew my creatures of pure silk - this wonderful fabric with shining effect looks luxurious always .
My favorite silk - silk dupioni, this fabric is made of threads of different colors so the fabric has gorgeous effect of changing colors - really  imperial cloth!
In Australia is  spring now and I have noted in the studio cute spring floral snails

Silk dupioni - moss green, ivory (rose decor), emerald green, baby pink (last snail).

 My collection )

Monday, 6 October 2014

How I have created my babushka dolls

I love to sew dolls. Especially babushka dolls. The other day I have thought to create a special edition of Pearl Princess dolls.

So, my choice for materials - european natural linen and luxurious silk dupioni with shimmering effect for their bodies, handcrafted vintage lace pieces, linen lace and beautiful pearl beads for decoration. Seems like a great choice for the royals!
All their faces are made of cotton and face image in my unique drawing. They are really unique like  humans.
The bodies are ready, the faces are also - now is  time for hair. That is the best color to match with eyes? 

Girls  should think about their unique looks. After this hard task -  I sew on silk shawl the pearl beads

My beauties are  ready! Would you like to get one?

Seven  Gorgeous sisters -  Pearl Princess

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Charming months

In the Cherry Garden are new creatures - cute linen birds are nesting....

Birds ornament

 Ah! They dont have a nest...Just being gentle with each other mimimimi.  Cherry Garden PR manager Choila takes care and teach them ). She knows how to nesting and loves it but in sunny places only )

I am happy as well - have got bright and colorful 2 azalea plants, they are blooming now.

Just spring pics from Melborne and my garden.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Spring in Cherry Garden Studio

In Cherry Garden live different creatures. After cold and long winter 2014 me and my PR manager Choila see in our studio many cute and funny colorful snails.

They love fashion and style and I do not know often - what shell wants each of them...This season is very popular striped shell and pompom trim )

But for my few fashionistas - it is not enough! they want to be unique, want to dance and take part in races! Oh! Who is going to win?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Melbourne Spring

After my holidays the little garden in ceramic pots pleases me a lot - I adore these amazing colors and shapes...

Melbourne Spring - oh! So colorful, magnificent and full of wonderful odours. In our suburb many people have beautiful gardens - I  like to go for a walk and admire them.

Magnolia in Melbourne - white, pink and purple. First is my favorite - looks very exotic!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Small and cute pouch for toddler girl

I like things made of pure silk and linen fabric very much.  Silk - elegance and richness, linen - natural and rustic.
Recently  came home from my Europe trip with full suitcase of european linen textile...I seen the other day all my linen treasures and have thought - I have some work to do.....
So my first one is a purse, made of my both favorite textiles

Handmade dusty rose ornament (a method of sewing these flower I have noted at the exhibition of Imperial dresses in Royal palace...I have my little note-book with me always ))

Love this little purse a lot!

So elegant!

Fairy Cottage - purse for a little lady

I have created a sewing pattern for girl's purse! Wow! Looks very cute and has a small lace pocket behind a door! The purse has a press tape - easy using  for little fingers.

My Fairy Village )
Customer from US asked me to make a shabby chic style purse like my Tooth Fairy pillow for her little one.

Hmmm...I just love to sew them!!!