Saturday, 6 December 2014

Make your own Christmas Tree!

Easy DIY (great for beginners) - Make your own Christmas decor!  A very simple and nice idea to make original decoration for a  Christmas table, a fireplace or just sew  cute little gifts to your loved ones.

You need only your creativity, fun and:

2 triangle of felt
1 wooden stick for BBQ and white acrylic paint
scissors, glue for fabric, needle,
lace, beads, ribbon or decorative elements to your taste.

For Christmas Tree base - a tea/coffee cup, a gravy bowl, a creamer, a cactus pot and sand, small decorative pebbles etc.

Are you ready?

1. Paint the stick by white acryl and let it  to dry well
2. While the stick is in drying process, sew on on triangles lace (lace ribbon or trim etc.)
3. Sew the edges of the triangle, cut the lace to shape the triangle.
3. Insert the white stick into a triangle (you can use a fabric glue), sew up the base of the triangle
4. Sew on the Christmas Tree your decorative elements as you wish

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