Saturday, 31 January 2015

Birds inspiration

Few weeks ago I have received a special order from Kelly - to make mobile birdies for her nursery in a gray and coral colors palette. And I liked the idea so much that I decided to create a set for my little online shop, besides I'm a hopeless fan of gray textile.

When the second set was made - I thought that if I sew a new kit again? 2 Days later I made a gray-yellow birdies.

It is not a secret, but I'm in the process of creating  gray / blue birds now...))

This coral chiffon flowers were made for the first kit:
Kelly`s set:

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Picking cherries. Australian summer

2 months ago I have made my Cherry Snail

and I was wondering -
is any  difference between the cherries from farm and the cherries from the market / shop? We buy local berries in shop and they are pretty good but I have heard about easy way to have fun, eat cherries and pick them as much as you want.
So, 2 weeks ago me and my hubby with our huge basket, summer hats and  2 big bottles of water - (I was expecting to spend about 2 hours on hot sun) came for cherry harvest.
Cherry farm is between beautiful valleys and it is really great view!

Cherry farm
What can I say - there is a difference! Berries are bigger  and have more taste. They are covered by soil dust but they are so fresh and juicy...It is impossible to stop eating! How much have we eaten these day? No more than 1 kg )

20 minutes - and the basket is full. Sorry, I can not show our cherry crop - husband decided to make cherry brandy. Will be ready in 2 months!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Water world

When I was little girl I dreamed to be a marine biologist or scientist (look after dolphins), wanted to
In any case, I love very much the sea and marine animals, especially invertebrates. I like to take photos, I love to watch these animals in their habitat. They are so much unusual and graceful. Sometimes it seems to me - they are from another planet, so incredible and colorful are their bodies.
I still want to find time to make my plush collection of star fishes, sea snails, corals and sea horses. I would like to sew them of pure rustic linen cloth!
I want to introduce you a little story in pictures what is happening in the underwater kindergarten: baby Whales and naughty small fish
Playful babies!
But soon parents come and (how it is common in real life) stop this disorder!
They are sweet babies again )
SEA. The one of the most beautiful things in the Earth.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blue porcelian Style

As a loyal fan and an admirer of blue porcelain china and all type of willow pattern I can not pass indifferently next to such stuff made in this style. Yeees, I  collect cups, plates etc...
One year ago I have created my plush babushka doll of lovely blue willow pattern cloth and they were popular in my Etsy shop. It was pity but I could not find the same fabric in our craft shops and I just had some hope to find it again! And- yeeeehhhuuuu! It happend 3 days ago!
So I very happy to introduce my new beauties for you.

 Matryoshka or Babushka dolls 
The second doll has a really nice gold embroidered tape with shimmering effect. Their faces are my unique drawing (acrylic paints). Their faces are my unique drawing (acrylic paints). I can say - to draw faces is my favorite part of work, because every time a new personality comes ))

Craft supplies in my Etsy shop

Anyway if you would like to create your own babushka doll - I will be glad to help you!

A cup from my small porcelain collection. Ummmmm, that a great coffee is from this cup always!

My outdoor Garden I have planted in willow pattern collection)