Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Picking cherries. Australian summer

2 months ago I have made my Cherry Snail

and I was wondering -
is any  difference between the cherries from farm and the cherries from the market / shop? We buy local berries in shop and they are pretty good but I have heard about easy way to have fun, eat cherries and pick them as much as you want.
So, 2 weeks ago me and my hubby with our huge basket, summer hats and  2 big bottles of water - (I was expecting to spend about 2 hours on hot sun) came for cherry harvest.
Cherry farm is between beautiful valleys and it is really great view!

Cherry farm
What can I say - there is a difference! Berries are bigger  and have more taste. They are covered by soil dust but they are so fresh and juicy...It is impossible to stop eating! How much have we eaten these day? No more than 1 kg )

20 minutes - and the basket is full. Sorry, I can not show our cherry crop - husband decided to make cherry brandy. Will be ready in 2 months!

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