Monday, 23 March 2015

The pleasure of color. Coral color palette

Let's have fun with colors. To take design too much seriously .... hmm...perhaps it is wrong! Yes, I am totally addicted to is true, but!
A few time ago I have discovered in my work a new great palette - I call it "Coral", so my "precious gem" contains - bright and rich berry tones - grapefruit, persimmon and timid and shy - orange caramel, peaches in champagne, orange nectar ... mmmm. How delicious!
Bunny with a coral flower booch
Very feminine, "girly" and delicate, I love the combination with grey, white, mint, apple green colors.
Mobile birds with lace wings
  Love the combination with rustic linen, incredible mixture!

Linen birdies

 Girls know - coral pink  is perfect color for blond hair!

shabby chic wooden pegs
Tangerine snail toy

Peach snail toy

And great news for me - coral palette matches  with gray so beautifully! )

Monday, 16 March 2015

Yellow and grey. Exquisite combination!

Shades of yellow - ripe grain, golden ocher, straw, sand, yellow crocus, pear, honey, amber ... Warm memory of summer, clean and vibrant energy of the nature...Color of the Life - the yellow yolk and the sun.
 I'm not surprised - one of the most popular combinations - yellow and neutral colors: white, gray, graphite.
 I have not left unnoticed this palette in my studio     
Love this damask pattern!

 Small birdies: ducklings and birds mobile toys:

Lace wings and a soft pompom

And my favorite toy to make - plush snail. I did buy pattern and color scheme that I wanted long time ago! 
Is she is not stylish?