Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Birds in Cherry Garden Dolls studio

It is Interesting, in modern heraldry the birds  present at 35% of State Emblems in varying interpretations. Question is - how many states, big and small cities have the Bird symbol?

Mobile toys
One of my favorite ideas in work - it is a bird. Wings and ability to fly are symbols of freedom in many cultures.
Like an angel the bird also is a sign of the soul.

Doves - cake topper
What else do people associate with this  sign?
Deity, Creator, sun, immortality, child, motherhood, fertility, the thought, the speed, happiness, purity, love, time.

PR manager Choila loves birds )


  1. delightful to come by and read all your posts Sveta! LOVE those cute little xmas trees - how very special they are :) and those white doves are gorgeous! glad Choila loves birds too :)
    happy xmas xxx Annette

  2. Wonderful birds! I especially love the floral ones. They look so rustic, so much cottage chic!

    Merry Christmas to you!