Friday, 18 April 2014

Bouquet for a doll. DIY lesson

Free DIY lesson

How to make a Bouquet for a doll

Skills level - beginner and up 
Basic material - cotton/silk fabric, filling material,  lace, trim, floral motives, buttons, beads and etc. as you wish and FUN!


Draw the pattern of the Bouquet - a circle and a cone (remember a formula : width of a cone top =  (1/2 of circle`s diameter) x  3.14

1. Sew the cone and fill it with stuffing material.

2. Sew the top of the Bouquet  - it is a small hat shape pincushion (paper circle, textile, stuffing material)

3. I have used a special liquid "Fray Stoppa" to applique a few drops on the edges of a leafs

4. Sew on pincushion your flowers, beads, leafs, butterflies and etc!

5.  Attach the cone to your pincushion

6. All done! 

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