Friday, 6 June 2014

Little trip in Australia

G'day and welcome to visit the biggest island, interesting nature scenes and  friendly people!

 June is the first winter month, so countryside landscape is very peaceful, but suburbs in Melbourne are full of autumn flowers still...

Fort Nepean - we can wave and say "Hello" to passing ships to/from Melbourne

1 Photo - Pacific Ocean
2 Photo - Port Phillipe Bay
3 Photo - left side - Ocean and right side - Bay!!!

Coast next to Grand Ocean Road
The Great Kingdom of Neptune )
1. Heptune Cup
2. Hmm...Probable it is one of his eyes )
3. Little sea garden in bowl - with yellow alga, a tiny fishes and a prawns.

Australain animals ) I do not tell who is who. But these guys on second photo - amazing cute plush toys ))

Day off  in Grand Ocean Road. Trying to get sharks.

After day trip - what can be better than cup of tea or coffee! (Victoria Market in Melbourne)


  1. Very beautiful pictures and great views! Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful post! I hope I will visit Australia one day, it look amazing!