Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Babushka dolls, hanging ornament

I am in love with my new project. Can not stop to make my cute and small babushka dolls. I make hand painted faces (acrylic paints) and prefer to use different lace, colours and decorative elements  to get variation of styles. But seems like I am addicted to shabby and chic :o)

Embroidered lace, light grey and coral palette

Popular now -  mint and pink colours.  Embroidered lace, special sparkle trim

Angels babushka dolls. Why not? They can flight now ) Baby pink and blue, handmade satin flowers

Embroidered lace, satin flowers and linen fabrics. Shabby chic and rustic

Traditional colours, red palette with golden sequins trim.
Nautical style. Typical in  blue, red and white colour scheme
Rose garden babushkas. Very girly  

Blue porcelain collection. I have used golden and silver sequins trim and selected patterns fabrics
And now - tea time!

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