Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Babushka dolls - wedding gifts.

Identical weddings do not happen. Although the wedding celebration is typical in the modern city, every bride is looking for interesting options and ideas for her guests
1 month ago I have got special custom request from Julia - she asked about 50 babushka dolls for her guests in special colour scheme - made of the blush pink fabric as the dresses for her  bridesmaids

So, I have started my work. First time I was thinking it is not hard because I love to sew babushka dolls, but for me to make 50 identical dolls ...uh! I was not excited after first 10 )
But the order is order! And I have promised to make these gifts

I chose pure silk dupioni fabrics - blush pink and ivory. Blush pink lace and have made 50 satin flowers to decorate my dolls

Julia wanted a note as well. The wedding date and their names

And - here they are! Wedding babushka dolls are ready, I have finished my few weeks work and very happy (it is true :o) ) Dolls are happy to be delivered to Sydney )) for great wedding event

Happy marrige David and Julia!

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  1. What a fantastic order! Even though I know you were very tired, these dolls are so cute and neat!