Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DIY Fabric Easter Egg, Faberge styled.

Many people know the tradition of giving eggs at Easter time. Also, in the history of jewelry art there is the widely known and exquisite precious eggs made by Carl Faberge . Made of gold, silver and colored enamel and richly adorned with diamonds , pearls , rubies, sapphires and other precious gems , these decorative Easter eggs were the subject of deserved acclaim and admiration .

We have combined these two traditions to make to produce exquisite handmade fabric Faberge styled Easter Eggs. 
You also can learn to make these gifts for your loved ones at Easter - and you only need  ... 2 small pieces of fabric (silk, linen, cotton, felt, calico cloth and others) and your imagination with our step by step instructions!

So - stylized fabric Faberge eggs by your own hands.

Skills level - beginner and up. Size 11 cm (4.33")
Materials - fabric, synthetic or natural filling, decorative elements.

1. Draw a pattern of the egg on  fabric pieces, do not cut
2. –°ut the egg`s pattern after sewing. Stitch a holes in the edges (pic. 3)

3. Fill the egg by your choice of  filling. Please remember - it is a nice chance to make a lavender sachet also!

4. Stitch the bottom of the egg.

5. The egg is almost has done! Choose a beads, lace, ribbon and etc. to decorate your precious Easter Egg!


Use your plush Easter Egg as an aroma sachet. Drip 2-3 drops of high-quality aromatic oil (rose, lavender, orange, verbena) to the bottom of the egg. 

Happy Easter!

If you do not know where to get  beautiful beads to decorate your Easter Eggs - small tip for you -just check nice White Giraffe shop

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