Thursday, 6 March 2014

DIY ROSE decor ( brooch, a pendant, sewing ornament) free lesson

Australia prepares for the autumn and winter months. It's time now to prepare and check our warm knitted gloves, hats, scarves and socks. 

Although nature is resting after its rapid flowering we have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the beautiful roses in  winter time - we can make an  elegant fabric rose, which will decorate nicely our warm winter clothes. 

It is a brooch, a pendant, sewing decor and a great handmade gift  also - depends of your imagination only.

Here is our free DIY lesson for you. Skill level - beginners and up.

Recommended textile for graft - any delicate  fabrics, our choice - pure silk chiffon.

Basic materials:
1. Brooch pin (for a brooch).
2. Two circles of felt - 5 cm diameter.
3. 4 squares of  fabric approx. 4x4 cm  for leaves.
4. Piece (a strip) of fabric  -  approx.
5 cm wide and 40 cm long  for the flower.
5. A few beads  if you wish.


1.  Sew on the first felt circle the brooch pin and put aside.
2.  Make the leaves  - see my diagram below how to do:

3. Sew the leaves onto the second circle. (pic.1)
4. Make a small knot of  fabric strip and sew on to the center of a circle. (pic. 2)
5. Twist the strip and sew on step by step as a spiral. (pic. 3)

Cut off  any excess amount of the strip left over and  fix the end onto the back side of the circle.
7. Sew both circles together accurately at the edges. (pic. 5, 6)

Your gorgeous rose brooch is ready!  


 Chic classy look for winter - easy!

Thanks Tanya from elegant store Socksandmittens for permission to use the photos of her fabulous knitwear.


  1. Thank you so much or featuring me and also for the lovely brooch idea. I will definitely try to make it to go with our scarves. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely brooch and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. desde Argentina un cariƱoso abrazo muy bello el broche

  4. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us.