Sunday, 13 December 2015

Interview: Art from North

Interview with a great artist Olga from Russia (hand painted wooden decor, doll, gifts)

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
 Olga: My name is Olga and I live in Arkhangelsk - one of the oldest town in the North of Russia. I do not have any special education or degree in Fine Art, but  I have been keen on art throughout my life, utilizing every spare moment. I cannot imagine my life without  brushes and paints.
I have been doing Fine Art drawing since 2000. I have done special russian north folk art such as Mezensk, Puchuzhsk and Permogorsk style  paintings, but finally I have focused on the Boretsk style Painting.  Initially, I made  traditional folk items and ornaments, but over time I began to invent my own  stories and themes and to add new, atypical traditional painting elements such as "paisley" pattern.

2.  What items do you offer for sale in your shop?
 Olga: in my shop I have interior/indoor decor: wooden dolls, eggs, apples, boxes etc. My daughter and I are developing hand-painted wall panels now, which will appear in my shop in spring.

3.  Your items are distinguished by clean, bright and luminous palette. The colours of your work are reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance frescoes. What is your secret?
 Olga: I use Tempera paints. It has the necessary qualities. Sometimes I use metallic acrylic. I do not rely on ready-made palettes and I am always looking for new, more sophisticated color combinations.  Quite often I use a certain color scheme at the request of the customer.
As I have said already,  I am doing Borets Painting - it requires special artisan skills, neatness, patience, and has a rather complex technical execution.

4. How much time do you spend to produce one item?
 olga: Creating one item  takes about 4 days to a month, depending on its complexity and theme.  I always try to create artworks that are not only beautiful, but tell some story - stories of my life, a story of the traditional trades and crafts and North Russian routine of ordinary people’s life and leisure activities.  But sometimes I draw people in a more modern lifestyle.

5. Do you take the custom orders?
 Olga: Before I opened my shop on Etsy, I worked mainly with individual orders, they are still my main source of sales. Custom orders very often give me a new challenge that helps to develop my creativity and make my work even more unique.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Winter solstice day

 Hooray!   The shortest day of the year is behind! I begin to think about my garden seriously. As always - have a lot of ideas, passion, good tools and many many pots and less time than I do prefer, possibilities of soil, watering, hot summer and preferences of our PR manager Choila
So I couldn't stay home today and spend about 1.5 hours in the local nursery. Yeees, it took time - I was not in big hurry but very thoughtful and curious about new habitants for our garden
Probably it was a little bit suspicious - I could not pass without  taking a photo of these beautiful flowers

Pansies...Is it easy to find someone who does not like this plants? 

Second stop - camellias and azaleas. Intersting pink flowers plant, sorry I  do not know - what is it, but very nice and delicate

In the winter nursery - the most bright place is a huge stand with cyclamens. Amazing flame of colours!

Magic fragrance of giant pink, lilac, purple and blue hyacinths. 
Last stop (before exit) - indoor plants section. Hmmmm...Maybe I have to think about a new palm tree for living room?
Orchids have their unique magic. I am sure they are precious gems in a Floral World
The Amethyst Princess came home with me today
Happy to introduce her Highness

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Think Mint!

Summer is truly right time for fresh and cool palette. School holidays season, sea and river cruises, beaches, swimming, sunbathing - the favorite entertainment for many many people! And for me as well )

Then days are becoming hotter and more hotter ... I start to think mint in my studio!
 Love this bright colors to work with. Looks great together with cold pink, light yellow, grey, white and gold
Mint birds with gold sequins stars. Ornament

Sailboat, plush toy and pillow

What have I done? Probable I was too much excited in my studio with a sewing machine and  mint fabrics ))

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Babushka dolls, hanging ornament

I am in love with my new project. Can not stop to make my cute and small babushka dolls. I make hand painted faces (acrylic paints) and prefer to use different lace, colours and decorative elements  to get variation of styles. But seems like I am addicted to shabby and chic :o)

Embroidered lace, light grey and coral palette

Popular now -  mint and pink colours.  Embroidered lace, special sparkle trim

Angels babushka dolls. Why not? They can flight now ) Baby pink and blue, handmade satin flowers

Embroidered lace, satin flowers and linen fabrics. Shabby chic and rustic

Traditional colours, red palette with golden sequins trim.
Nautical style. Typical in  blue, red and white colour scheme
Rose garden babushkas. Very girly  

Blue porcelain collection. I have used golden and silver sequins trim and selected patterns fabrics
And now - tea time!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Rainbow creatures

 I have never worked with a bright palette fabric with a large or geometric pattern.

First experience

But this cotton fabrics by designer Michael Miller (US) - was the request of a customer: 10 different snails toys for her daughter birthday party. It was interesting for me - how such fabrics can suit for soft toys I make.

Working process

I think - the result is pretty cute )

 Got more craft ideas.

Just love these bright vibrant colours ! The babushka dolls are my favourite )

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Babushka dolls - wedding gifts.

Identical weddings do not happen. Although the wedding celebration is typical in the modern city, every bride is looking for interesting options and ideas for her guests
1 month ago I have got special custom request from Julia - she asked about 50 babushka dolls for her guests in special colour scheme - made of the blush pink fabric as the dresses for her  bridesmaids

So, I have started my work. First time I was thinking it is not hard because I love to sew babushka dolls, but for me to make 50 identical dolls ...uh! I was not excited after first 10 )
But the order is order! And I have promised to make these gifts

I chose pure silk dupioni fabrics - blush pink and ivory. Blush pink lace and have made 50 satin flowers to decorate my dolls

Julia wanted a note as well. The wedding date and their names

And - here they are! Wedding babushka dolls are ready, I have finished my few weeks work and very happy (it is true :o) ) Dolls are happy to be delivered to Sydney )) for great wedding event

Happy marrige David and Julia!

Monday, 23 March 2015

The pleasure of color. Coral color palette

Let's have fun with colors. To take design too much seriously .... hmm...perhaps it is wrong! Yes, I am totally addicted to is true, but!
A few time ago I have discovered in my work a new great palette - I call it "Coral", so my "precious gem" contains - bright and rich berry tones - grapefruit, persimmon and timid and shy - orange caramel, peaches in champagne, orange nectar ... mmmm. How delicious!
Bunny with a coral flower booch
Very feminine, "girly" and delicate, I love the combination with grey, white, mint, apple green colors.
Mobile birds with lace wings
  Love the combination with rustic linen, incredible mixture!

Linen birdies

 Girls know - coral pink  is perfect color for blond hair!

shabby chic wooden pegs
Tangerine snail toy

Peach snail toy

And great news for me - coral palette matches  with gray so beautifully! )